How Junk Hauling Express’ Pricing Works

At Junk Hauling Express, we know how important it is to always be upfront and transparent about our pricing with you! We’ll make sure to communicate pricing with you durQing the whole process. Our prices are based on the amount of space your junk takes up in our truck. Once we know how much junk you have, we’ll be able to give you a firm estimate. We’ll never raise the price on items we’ve quoted or slip in hidden costs or fees. We know no one likes surprises at payment time and you’ll never have any!



Rios Junk Pricing Junk Removal Truck
width (8ft)
height (5ft)
length (11ft)

Truck Dimensions:

  • Length: 11ft
  • Depth: 8ft
  • Height: 5ft

One of our truck loads is equal to six pickup truck loads

  • Rios Junk Pricing Pickup
  • Rios Junk Pricing Pickup
  • Rios Junk Pricing Pickup
  • Rios Junk Pricing Pickup
  • Rios Junk Pricing Pickup
  • Rios Junk Pricing Pickup

Our minimum charge is $135

Small Icon For Junk Removal

1/4 Load


3.75 cubic yards

Medium Icon Junk Removal

1/2 Load


7.5 cubic yards

Large Icon Junk Removal

3/4 Load


11.25 cubic yards

Extra Large Icon For Junk Removal

Full Truck


15 cubic yards


Our junk removal pricing structure allows us to give you accurate information about costs before starting a job. We won’t over-quote you or add extra fees once we’re finished. If we overestimate how much space your junk takes up in our truck, we’ll even lower the cost of your removal. You can trust that our team is going to do everything we can to make sure you’re in the loop and that your junk is removed in an easy and convenient way. If you want to discuss pricing for your particular junk removal job, just give us a call!


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